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Forsmarts — Logic games and puzzles

The rules of the competition

01. A season consists of 25 (in the current season - 20) puzzles of all kinds to solve. Puzzles will be published in 10 (in the current season - 9) issues during 5 months, 2-3 puzzles per issue. Deadline for every issue will be written at the bottom of that issue's file, being usually about 3 weeks.
02. Answers must be sent by e-mail to answers(a)forsmarts.com.
03. There is no registration for the competition. You must type your name and country in Latin characters in every submission of your answers.
04. A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address every time you send your answers.
05. Test is a pdf file. Link to it will be posted on the site
06. Competitors agree to be rated by Puzzle Ratings.
07. An errata column will be published on the main page of the web site. It's up to you to check the errata column until the competition ends.
08. Results and solutions of each single issue will be posted on the site in a few days after its deadline.
09. There is no reward(s) to the winner(s) for now.
10. Top twenty competitors of each season will be displayed on 'hall of fame' page forever.